Head Full of Woe


  • NAME: Orin
  • AGE: Adult
  • GENDER: Undefined [he/they]
  • SPECIES: Feline

  • OCCUPATION: Internee, oddjob laborer
  • INTERESTS: tech and tinkering, bad sci-fi, whatever seems odd and interesting

  • INOCULATED: Yes [accident/weirding]
  • FORTES: Alter, Transmute
  • FALLS: Everything else
  • BOONS: High Saturation, Quick Recovery
  • BANES: Highly Unstable


Intelligent | Empathetic | Well Meaning | Curious

Anxious | Self-Loathing | Conflicted | Indecisive

Externally polite, personable, and happy to help. Never to ruffle feathers or to loudly object. Underneath, the pressure to stay in everyone’s good graces, to keep on the straight and narrow plotted for him, and the ache of “something is wrong with all this, but I can’t trust myself enough to believe these feelings are just”, to be a shining example of a monster reformed is waring him thin. Guilt over his past and fear of what might happen if they stray keep these churning feelings under lock and key. Despite it all, Orin is ultimately peace loving, treasures quiet and a good challenge, and hungers to be himself truly without fear, and be in proximity to those who want the same. They just need something to break the barrier that keeps him from taking back his life again.

  • The type to be humble about their skills and achievements, but deep down isn’t above quietly putting those who underestimate his capabilities in their place.
  • A soft spot for “amateur”, “bad”, “trash” fiction and music. Finds the vulnerability and awkward earnestness refreshing.
  • Knows various dense, boring manuals cover to cover by heart, but can’t remember what day it is or the name of someone they’ve likely met several times before.
  • Grows more confident in themselves and learns how to stick up for themselves more assertively as their journey develops, but still prefers to handle things in more subtle, not so confrontational ways.


No data


  • FAMILY: Lost contact [Complicated]
  • CLIFF [Complicated]
  • STRANGER [Positive]


No data


* See Notes for additonal info.




    Visual Notes

  • More like a mix of a typical cat and a big cat than soley one or the other.
  • Expresses anger more like a snarling grin than a typical >:( sort of angry expression.

    Creator's Notes

  • Getting up-to-date on references. The clothing ref up there is a bit out of date sans the work uniform.