Heart Full of Fury


  • NAME: █████ AKA “Stranger”
  • AGE: Adult
  • GENDER: ??? [they/them]
  • SPECIES: Feline, modified

  • OCCUPATION: Trainee [former], Fugitive
  • INTERESTS: the occult, critter keeping, making, exploring

  • INOCULATED: Yes [self ritual]
  • FORTES: Conjure, Summon
  • FALLS: Alter, Transmute, everything else
  • BOONS: Quick Spill, Quick Charge
  • BANES: Burnout


Proactive | Intuitive | Cunning | Strong Willed

Guarded | Emotionally Turbulent | Socially Inept | Insecure

Externally, they sport a cold, aloof, and at times hostile persona. This is merely a front to appear intimidating out of distrust of others and their complicated feelings around social situations and their place in the world. Under the facade, they are a more of an self-conscious eccentric who means well but struggles to process their emotions, further complicated with the issues that arise with having faulty modifications.

  • Once fixated on something, they can’t let go. At least until something else catches their eye. Sometimes stubborn to a fault.
  • Doesn’t have a ton of friends, but what friends they do have they keep close.
  • Deeply afraid of being trapped in a situation that robs their agency again. Or abandoned by those they are supposed to rely on.
  • Distrusting of authority, tends to get into conflict with those with more domineering personalities.
  • Quick/first to act, sometimes in a rather rash or reckless way.
  • Deeply passionate about mastering the occult craft in their world, even when this interest has got them into dangerous, life altering situations. Practicing this craft is a means for them to reclaim a sense of control over themselves and the world around them.
  • HCx and every authority figure in their life has turned their world upside down, and now they aim to return the favor by getting to the bottom of what the hell is truly going on in that complex.


A reluctant trainee turned experiment fodder turned apostate and fugitive, with their own web of mysteries and secrets.


  • FAMILY: Lost contact [Negative/Complicated]
  • CLIFF [Negative]
  • ORIN [Positive]


No data


* See Notes for additonal info.




    Visual Notes

  • Clothing is usually baggy/loose, sometimes to obsure body shape.
  • Loosely based on an abyssinian/short haired house cat breed in general shape, but fur pattern is closer to a grey color point.
  • Emoting is usually limited to flat to fierce in most situations. When around people they are comfortable with, range of expression is much wider.

    Creator's Notes

  • Working on getting other references up-to-date. Outfits are mostly the same sans the post-escape one.