Update Log

  • 08.30.2022 | RSS feed now up.
    General tweaks.
  • 08.29.2022 | Resources page sort of up? Not totally functional yet but yeah it is up there.
  • 08.25.2022 | Fall theme's up! Also tweaked some images for slightly speedier loading. Several things have been uploaded to the site between now and last update.
  • 08.05.2022 | New piece added.
  • 08.03.2022 | Several new things added, including the zines That Other Realm, For Thy Flesh, Best Cat Zine.
    New page in journal as well.
  • 07.31.2022 | A bunch of old work has been added to the oldest archive in the gallery. Not every link works just yet and I still have more to add, but there's stuff in there.
    Also added a new piece that's a re-do of a piece from 10 years ago.
  • 07.29.2022 | Added several new works to the 2022 gallery, as well as a link back 88x31 button on the Connect page. Newer art pages also generate a link preview when featured on other major social media sites. New works added to the galleries will now also include alt text.
  • 07.22.2022 | Added Smile to 2022 gallery.
  • 07.17.2022 | Built a bunch of stuff. Getting things ready for launch.
  • 07.10.2022 | Starting rebuild.