LJ “Null” Osborne | they/them

Illustrator-tattoo-maker-fellow lurking lower Appalachia, conjuring creatures and worlds and making marks.

Professionally, individuals entrust me with bringing about their unique visions though my particular visual style. Things I’ve done work for include album covers, commissions for private clients, illustration work for indie projects, and more.

Unprofessionally, I like collecting new hobbies.

Subjects of interest: flora and fauna, tattoo, cyberpunk and solarpunk-ish things, DIY, using fantasy for more than just escapism, moody forests, FOSS, original characters and world building, zines, and snails.

The Work

Here are the tools I use for my digital art. I do not use “AI” image generators in my artwork.

For tattoo, I use a pen-style rotary machine. Most of the inks I use are by Eternal or Dynamic. For more tattoo stuff, head over the the tattoo portion of the site.

For everything else, I use whatever I can get my hands on.

This Website

This corner of moss-green cyberspace acts as my main home on the Internet: the portfolio, the archive, the virtual studio. It is a mash of handcoding done by me and some help from friends and friendly strangers. This has been a practice I’ve been doing for fun since I was a kid, and in the spirit of DIY and learning new things, its something I still prefer over drag-and-drop WYSIWYG site builders, even if these results are a lot clunkier. That’s that indie web charm I suppose. :]