An anthro fox-like character. They have a snarl on their face. They are also wearing baggy pants, armor, and an eye is peering through the tip of their tail.

Fox Thing Revisited

2022 | Digital [Clip Studio Paint]

A revisit of this 10 year old piece. I still feel rusty with this style of shading since I've mostly been focused on more flat shaded or something more akin to graphite with my stuff. With this re-do, I wanted to make armor that made a little more sense among other things. It's been interesting seeing how stuff has evolved over the years.

A rough sketch of the image above.

And the original sketch for this piece.

An anthro fox-like character, full body and a headshot. An eye peers out from the tip of their tail.

Bonus exploration of this little character, with a focus of capturing the general shape found in the original.