An anthro feline character snarling at something off screen. Behind them looms a bug beast which they have conjured.


2022 | Digital [Clip Studio Paint]

Stranger’s main fixation is supposed to be creating beasts and objects of their own design using a esoteric, taboo craft in their world, but for some reason I never really explored that in depth visually. Here’s me trying to actually do that.

In the more turbulent part of their life, they’d likely design schematics for great and terrible creatures inspired by fauna that fascinated them in their youth [in this case, the caterpillar of a moth from the Citheronia family], along with nifty tools should they need them in a pinch. Because of the nature of this magic, conjuring simple inanimate objects can require a great deal of focus, premeditation, and resources to creating something that won’t quickly decay into dust shortly after, let alone a massive, living being. Being able to give life to something of this complexity would be a massive undertaking.

Additional visual explorations of this beastie here.

Stranger and their big angry bug buddy are part of a larger body of work of mine that, as of this writing, I don't have a dedicated place for just yet. However, once it's built you can find all of that at this link.