An illustration of various strange tools and ribbon.


2022 | Digital [Clip Studio Paint]

A hexseal is a device used to resist or restrict a wearer’s nuemic capacity and/or flow, impending on their ability to preform this strange magical craft of Syout. A hexseal is typically associated with baneful acts, but this device has therapeutic uses, too; if a practitioner struggles with controlling an excess of nuemic potential within them, affixing a hexseal onto oneself can help a practitioner wield such excess more effectively and safely.

A hexseal takes the form of a ribbon-like material inscribed with encoding and sigil work that dictates the function/s of the hexseal, which then is bound to the flesh and spirit.

Removal of a hexseal is typically done with a ritual tool fueled by nuema saturated blood (as with most tools related to this craft), designed to carefully sever the seal from the flesh-spirit with minimal damage. Schematics for the exact shape of this tool can vary. This operation should be done with great care lest one risk great harm. Some hexseals might also be crafted such that they are invisible to the material eye, so it might be worth spilling energy examining the flesh-spirit with a greater Sight to properly spot a hidden hexseal.

Feels like it has been a second since I included any lore. Anyway, this is part of a larger body of work that, as of this writing, I don’t have a main hub for, but when I do have it built [eventually] you can find it at this link.