Stipple Beast [Brush Pack]

2023 | Digital [Various]

A brush pack inspired by tattoo needles mashed with other typical traditional media tools.

Programs currently supported [all are included in the .zip in the DOWNLOAD section below.]:

Clip Studio Paint Krita


  • DRAFTER | Pencil-like brush, meant for sketching and drafting.
  • LINER SOFT | Akin to LINER HARD, but softer.
  • LINER HARD | A brush that’s a weird hybrid of a dark pencil and a tight 3RL/1RL needle grouping. Stipples at lower pen pressure.
  • LINER SOLID | A solid liner, meant for lining.
  • 1RL TX | Akin to LINER HARD, but a bit cleaner. Mostly geared towards stippling. Inspired by 1RL needle groupings.
  • 9RL TX | Inspired by 9RL needle groupings. Geared toward stippling.
  • MAG | Inspired by mag-styled needle groupings. Gear towards stippling and something similar to halftones.
  • COLORSPRAY SOFT | For coloring, and like a spray paint. Has a color jitter for textural crunch.
  • COLOR HARD | For coloring. Has a color jitter for textural crunch.
  • GRIME STAMP | That's right, gives you more crunch.

There are some slight differences between the Clip Studio Paint and Krita versions of these brushes, as these are different art programs with different brush engines. Regardless, you should be able to get very similar results.
You might also have to tweak them to best fit your tablet and pen pressure preferences.



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Change Log

  • Direct Download
  • Brushes now ported to Krita! Threw in a bonus theme for Krita users as well.
  • Added new brushes: GRIME STAMP.

  • Direct Download
  • Fixed the name of the brushes: flipped the HARD and SOFT LINER. Oops, lol
  • Added new brushes: DRAFTER, LINER SOLID, 1RL TX, 9RL TX, MAG.
  • Tweaked LINER HARD. Now harder.