An ominous figure in a maroon outfit. The outfit consists of a glossy mask, a cape, shirt and pants, a utility belt, metallic gauntlets, and two floating metal arms to the right and left of the figure. In his hand is a whip-like device. Above his head is a horizon-like symbol.


2023 | Digital [Clip Studio Paint]

Witchfinders [or ‘paladins’ as they are known within their ranks and among layfolk] are a specialized parliamentary class serving one of the more powerful sects of New Spire, originally formed to snuff out or capture other worldly arts and phenomena deemed “dangerous" to the fabric of society and reality in of itself. Typically this manifests into harassing edgy teens, old hermits and social outcasts, so on. On occasion, subduing a high control group might become a focus of theirs, but their primary target is any sort of syout and their creations, regardless of their actual threat to those around them.

In contemporary times, this set of garb is used mostly in ceremonial contexts and only see field action when a guardian is faced with a target more capable than the typical strays and rabblerowsers they usually bother.

Several black and white illustrations. Front the top down: A headshot of the figure unmasked—a older german shepard looking over his shoulder with a severe expression. Two metallic protrusion are mounted on each of his shoulder blades. Next, a back view of the cape. The cape has the same metallic protrusions. The cape has a swallow bird’s tail shape to it. Next, a front view of the full outfit, same as first image featured earlier. Finally, a similar front view of the outfit with the same dog character unmasked.

Their weapons and armor are effective thanks to the very same supernatural power their main adversaries utilize, the only difference is that the application and limits of this power are designed and ordained and by the heads of the sect. Exact weapons and armor add-ons are tailored to each individual’s talents, though things that can keep some distance between themselves and their targets are usually preferred.

This is part of a larger body of work that, as of this writing, does have a dedicated page! At long last! Though bare in mind it is still a work-in-progress. You can find it here.

Rough sketch of a creature in a uniform similar to those featured above. Several sketches of hound-like beings with odd head gear, as well as a silhouette of the character featured above. Another set of rough sketches of the uniform, this time less flashy as previous iterations. Text: We gotta figure out head gear for this fit.

Additional explorations.