Waist-up illustration of a feline character, arms raised as to preform a kind of magic. Their expression is intensely focused. Around him abstract forms begin to manifest.


2023 | Digital [Clip Studio Paint]

An example of a hexseal used to help instead of hinder a practitioner. In this case, as a regulator for unstable, highly saturated blood. Alas for Orin, they are going to need something more robust to insure their attempts at syout yield predictable, safe results. Still better than without it entirely, but hardly. (NOTE: work linked contains an illustration with violent imagery.)

Three illustrations in one. First, a waist-up shot of the same character featured previously, glancing to one side as though caught somewhat off guard. Next is a shot of an arm wrapped in a bandage-like material marked with lines and symbols. Lastly, a paw-hand partially wrapped in the same material with a distinct eye-like symbol over the lower palm.

This is part of a larger body of work that, as of this writing, does have a dedicated page! At long last! Though bare in mind it is still a work-in-progress. You can find it here.